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GAM 820/820A Non-contact measuring machine
GAM 820/820A Non-contact measuring machine
  GAM820/820A For Zhimao company accumulated many years of automation equipment development experience, a new design of visual aided testing equipment.

Product Name: GAM 820/820A Contactless Quadratic Element (Visual Aided) Measuring Machine


GAM820/820A has accumulated many years of experience in the development of automation equipment for Zhimao Co., Ltd. and has newly designed visual aided testing equipment. With a high-precision body structure, coupled with sophisticated digital image processing software, is your production process, an indispensable confidential testing machine. This series of products can be widely used in various PCB production processes. For example, PCB products and negative inspection, SMT steel plate size measurement inspection, and other non-contact precision measurement or testing applications.

GAM820/820A has powerful measurement functions, and can easily measure any complex geometric size. Automatic measurement through sophisticated computer digital image processing software reduces human error. The system architecture is based on the most widely used Windows operating system (Microsoft Windows) in the world. It has a highly compatible human-computer interface, which greatly reduces the cost of personnel training. Precision mechanical and precise servo control system, so that the function of long-term maintenance accuracy, maintenance costs to the lowest. The data format is suitable for data exchange between multiple systems. GAM820/820A is a simple and stable precision measurement and testing equipment, is your best tool to improve product quality and ensure the stability of production operations.

Product application

 Size measurement, visual comparison, coordinate reading, film measurement.


Product specification


Measurement function

1. Provide the level correction function of the object to be measured
2. The center point of the automatic circle after the point selection
3. Calculate the diameter of the circle automatically after the point selection
4. The boundary point of automatic line extraction after point selection
5. The center point of automatic line extraction after point selection
6, providing a variety of combination and matching of size measurement
7. Switching between public and British display units
8. The measurement results can be output by the printer

Automatic measurement function (selection)

1. The editor of the user's automatic measurement program
2. Provide automatic level correction function to improve measurement speed
3. The program editor that can measure the following dimensions
(1) the center of the center to the center of the circle
(2) the center of the center to the edge of the plate
(3) the center and diameter of the concentric circle
(4) line center point to line center point
(5) the edge of the plate to the edge of the plate
(6) the diameter of the circle
(7) line width
4. Printable and editable report forms for automatic measurement programs
5. Provide a survey report and statistical analysis chart

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