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GAM620A automatic receiver
GAM620A automatic receiver
After cutting the GAM320AT/330AT online splitting machine, put PCBA into the material tray.

Product Name: automatic receiver


Product model: GAM620A


Product features:


After cutting the GAM320AT/330AT online splitting machine, put PCBA into the material tray.


The PCB intelligent retractable board machine is highly automated and can greatly save labor force.


The CCD system is stable and reliable, easy to maintain and has independent counting function.



The release board is a soft plate or hard plate. The sub board machine can move multiple PCB boards at a time.


The box is full with alarm function.



The driving movement of grasping manipulator is driven by high precision motor, with flexible action, precise positioning and low noise.



Adopt high flexible cable and ring drag chain to ensure long term operation of the equipment. Electrical control and pneumatic

All the components are imported.


The software design takes full account of the possible accidents in operation, and compiling various corresponding cases.

Handling procedures to ensure equipment safety and personal safety.


One person is responsible for the operation of 5-6 production lines.



Product parameters:


Project GAM620A


Plate size 350*300mm


Suitable tray size 180*250mm (min) -280*370mm (max)


Stacking height of material disk 400mm


The board flows to the left to right


Adsorption and movement of vacuum sucker in the way of feeding


4 groups of sucker modules


Adsorption board is known to have


Moving mode servo motor


Maximum moving speed 800mm/min


Mobile repetition precision of + 0.05mm


PCBA moving direction, 90 degrees, 180 degrees angle rotation


PCBA and disc coordinate position programmable


Connection function linking automatic board dividing machine, automatic turnover machine


Touch control interface of operating interface


Power demand AC220V 50/60HZ 3KW


Gas source demand 5-6kg-cm 40L/min


Size W1552*D1115*H1650MM of the receiver


The weight of the receiver is 500KG