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About Genitec

  In 1993,

  Genitec set up computer technology co., LTD.

  In 1999,

  to SMT, PCB production equipment research and development.

  In 2001,

  complete new factory relocation assignments (in the big city of 2 11).

  awarded the ISO9001 international quality certification.

  In 2002,

  distribution stronghold of set up in south China (guangdong).

  In 2003,

  set up mau technology co., LTD in zhejiang to expand the greater China area service points.

  In 2004,

  ministry of small and medium business: "innovative small and medium-sized enterprise development blue-chip" praise.

  In 2005,

  won the ministry of economic affairs industry "to assist traditional industrial technology to develop new products research and development" tutoring and auxiliary.

  In 2007,

  develop complete KP100 and KP500 automatic solder paste printer.

  In 2009,

  developed grinding machine controller and GAM320 fully automatic machine.

  In 2010,

  set up "Genitec technology social welfare foundation" fulfill their corporate social responsibility and service level.

  In 2012,

  developed KP510A automatic solder paste printer.

  In 2013,

  developed GAM860H automatic drill point grinding machine.

  In 2014,

  developed GAM80H automatic sheung machine (related products).

  In 2015,

  developed GAM320AT on-line automatic PCB machine.