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KP510A Automatic printing machine
KP510A Automatic printing machine
Automatic steel plate cleaning function: machine standard equipped with moisture wipe, dry wiper and air suction function.

KP510A full automatic printing machine


Automatic steel plate cleaning function: machine standard equipped with moisture wipe, dry wiper and air suction function.

Humanized operation software: simple and easy to learn, and can be quickly launched without the need of proficient hands.

When the blade is in contact with the steel plate and detached from the steel plate, it can be stable and no beating, so as to ensure the stability of printing.

The scraper seat is equipped with floating scraper and constant pressure device, and the printing quality will not be affected by the switching of the front and rear knives.

The built-in multi segment release function can effectively prevent the tin sticking phenomenon when the steel plate is detached.

The Z axis of printing platen is fast and stable, which can effectively improve the flatness of printing surface.

The vacuum suction function is optional to overcome the printing problem of sheet thickness below 0.6mm.

The positioning method adopts CCD upper and lower vision multi-value control, and high precision X, Y, and theta plate displacement to ensure the positioning accuracy of printing.





Product application


It is suitable for SMT/ semiconductor steel plate / net plate, solder paste / adhesive process.

The best choice for the semiconductor printing process solution.

Repeatable printing accuracy can be as high as + 10 m (in response to the trend of 01005 components).

Low cost automatic printing machine & high efficiency printing representative.

The most advanced high resolution CCD vision positioning system.





Product specification


Body noumenon


Appearance size 1100mm*1400mm*1515mm

Body weight Approx. 950Kg

Power demand AC 1?, 220V, 50/60HZ; 2kW, 10A

Air pressure requirement Clean dry air 5~6kg/cm2 30L/min

Operating interface window operating system


Substrate specification


Application of substrate size max:400*310 (mm) min:50*50 (mm)

Application of substrate thickness 0.6~6 (mm)

Baseplate width adjustment

Apply the weight of the base plate below 3kg

Plate fixed way side clips (soft pressure adjustable)


Printing specification


Suitable size of steel plate max:735*735 (mm) min:650*550 (mm)

Printed area max:400*310 (mm) min:50*50 (mm)

Printing pressure 0.5~5kg/cm2

Off board speed 0.1~5mm/sec (programmable)

Printing direction before and after printing

Printing speed 5~250mm/sec


Visual counterposition system


High resolution CCD of CCD lens

Multi value control for image processing

Datum point 2

Datum point specification 0.1mm~3.0mm

Point position arbitrary point

Automatic discrimination of reference point detection software


Machine performance


Repetition precision of + 10 mu m

Printing precision of + 20 mu m

Printing cycle time <7.5sec

Cleaning function wet wipe / dry wipe / air suction

Clean size X:400mm






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