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ZMNC 24 Automatic suction nozzle cleaning machine
ZMNC 24 Automatic suction nozzle cleaning machine
The automatic suction nozzle cleaning device ZMNC-24 uses a new high pressure jet pulse cleaning method.

ZMNC 24 automatic suction nozzle cleaning machine


In the current field of semiconductor industry, with the development of SMT, the minimization of components, high density mounting and the small size of the base are turned into reality, and the future development trend will be further miniaturization of the components. Because of the chip mounting, the adsorbing suction nozzle stained solder flux and so on leads to the frequent failure, which has brought great influence on the production, and has become an urgent problem to be solved.

The automatic suction nozzle cleaning device ZMNC-24 uses a new high pressure jet pulse cleaning method. It can remove the inner wall of the suction nozzle and the dirt that can't be removed in a short time, and use the innoxious and harmless industrial pure water (soft water: HP value 5-7). It will not damage the suction mouth when cleaning, and it is beneficial to green and environmental protection.





Product application


In the process of mounting, the suction nozzle is easy to stick to solder paste and dirt. Long time do not do maintenance, or maintenance when the cleaning is not thorough, tin paste and dirt will harden, increase the difficulty of cleaning, and even long time accumulative cause to be blocked, resulting in scrap.

ZMNC-24 cleaning efficiency: one time cleaning 24 suction mouths, the total cleaning time is 3 minutes, the average single suction mouth cleaning time is:

7.5 seconds. It can be cleaned 20 times in 1 hour (3600S). Except for the time of changing tray about 15 seconds each time, one person can clean (3600-20 *15) 15 = 460 suction nozzles in 1 hour. If one patch is maintained and 96 suction nozzles are maintained, the maintenance of suction nozzles can be completed in 15 minutes, manual cleaning takes about an hour, and the cleanliness of suction nozzles can not be guaranteed.





Product specification


Equipment size L * W x H 505 x 570 x 500

Equipment weight quality 70KG

Cleaning liquid of cleaning liquid industrial pure water

Consumption is less than 400CC/H

Compressed air using a fluid gas source

Use pressure range 0.5 -0.6Mpa (when cleaning)

Injection pressure less than 0.4Mpa

The air consumption is below 280NL/ points

Power supply voltage AC200-240V

Maximum 200W of rated power consumption

Suction mouth tray specifications default 24 bits

Cleaning object 01005-2125