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GAM 860H drill needle automatic grinding machine
GAM 860H drill needle automatic grinding machine
GAM 860H 钻针自动研磨机
GAM 860H drill needle automatic grinding machine
High efficiency:
Fully automatic feeding, cleaning, grinding, testing, blanking consistent operation to ensure the grinding efficiency of drill needles.
Low cost:
The grinding quantity can be accurately controlled, the grinding times can be increased, and the cost can be reduced.
High reliability:
It is equipped with automatic edge detection function to ensure that the grinded drill needle reaches 100% of the good quality.
High convenience:
The humanized window operation interface is easy to learn and easy to use.
The grinding quality can be accurately controlled by setting the grinding parameters digitally.
Overlapping, separating, and the difference between the size of the head, can be directly adjusted by the keyboard, set, easy to operate.
Product application
The precision micro drill needle is automatically lapping.
Suitable for high precision (? 0.1 ~? 0.35 mm) low cost grinding requirements.
A necessary tool for the drilling room and the drill room.
The best partner of the professional grinding mill.
Iconic window operation screen.
The humanized working environment.
Simple and easy to learn, easy to learn and easy to operate.
Provides iconic machine tuning correction.
The window operation environment is easy to be learned and easy to operate.


Product specification

Specification item GAM860H

Diameter of drill needle? 0.1-1.0 mm Different diameters require replacement of grinding wheel and V-groove specifications

Drill stem diameter? 3.175mm (marking) /? 2.0mm (selection)

115 degree ~140 degrees of drill point angle can be adjusted

Surface angle of drill point 5 degree ~30 degree

Capacity? 0.1~? 0.35mm: 400UPH,? 0.4~1.0mm: 300UPH

Yield? 0.2 mm ~? 0.35 mm: 95% (before study 2), below? 0.15 mm: 90% (before study 2), above? 0.4 mm: 90% (before study 2)

400 incoming and outgoing trays 50/8 boxes (standard), 100/4 boxes (optional), other boxes (optional)

50 disks (matching) 100 branches (matching)

Drilling needle cleaning automatic cam type high efficiency cleaning

The outer diameter of the grinding wheel? 75mm

Rotational speed of sand rotation 6000RPM (max.)

Minimum feed volume 0.5um programmable set

Automatic grinding system of grinding wheel dressing programming

Control system PC Base + PLC

Optical system high rate fixed / zoom lens

High resolution CCD + LED light source for image acquisition system

AIO System Edge Detection and Analysis Software + SPC Statistical Chart

Operating system Windows

Air pressure requirement 6kg/cm2

Gas consumption is about 120L/min

Power demand AC220V + 10%

Power consumption 2.5kwg

Machine size 1480*1000*1740mm (no three color lamps)

Machine weight 1200kg


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