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GAM320AT online full automatic PCB splitting machi
GAM320AT online full automatic PCB splitting machi
Online automatic PCB distributor, from feeding, cutting to discharging, meets the needs of automatic workshop.


Genitec Product introduction:


GAM 320AT online full automatic PCB splitting machine



Online automatic PCB distributor, from feeding, cutting to discharging, meets the needs of automatic workshop.



The automatic adjustment board receives the PCB board, automatically classifying finished products and waste after cutting, saving manpower cost.



The whole series is equipped with high-speed CCD automatic vision correction system, which greatly improves cutting accuracy and operation efficiency.



The high-speed spindle is used as the cutting board of PCB, with small stress and high accuracy, and suitable for any shape of PCB.



Dual mesa motion can simultaneously perform board cutting and circuit board placement to improve operation efficiency.



Genitec roduct application


Online operation, automatic feeding, cutting, waste plate and finished plate sorting and discharging always save manpower.



A full range of high-speed CCD vision counter aligning devices, especially for high precision and high productivity PCB sub board operation.



Suitable for mobile phones, digital cameras, GPS, PDA and MODULE and other small multi linked board PCB sub board.



Enlarge the size and apply to the board processing of large PCB such as DTV, PC host, workstation, server, etc.



Using dual work platform to place workpiece, reduce waiting time and increase production capacity.



All kinds of receiving boards can be selected to achieve the goal of full automatic manpower saving.





Genitec Product specification


Project specification


Effective cutting size 350*300mm


Rail delivery


Or zoning transportation in the way of material delivery


Adsorptive transfer of vacuum suction nozzle


Flow to the right or right left


Cutting function line, round and round soliton


Double table surface of processing table


Accuracy + 0.01mm


Cutting precision of ≤±0.1mm


Maximum moving speed XY axis: 800mm/s, Z axis: 350mm/s


Maximum moving stroke X:810 Y:370 Z:90mm


Spindle speed MAX.60000rpm (adj)


Cutting speed 0~100mm/s (adj)


Operation interface window operation interface


Program instruction mode color CCD image intuitionistic instruction input


Program backup USB interface


Control mode PC BASE fine interface dense control system


AC servo motor driven by XYZ axis


The size of the milling cutter? 0.8~3.0mm


Power specification AC220V 50/60HZ single phase (1)


Cutting host size 1580 (W) *1200 (D) *1740 (H) mm


Cutting host weight 1000kg


Dust collector power 3HP


Dust collector size 690 (W) *698 (D) *1701.5 (H) mm


Dust collector power supply specification AC220V/380V 50/60HZ three-phase (3 mm)


Dust collector weight 120kg


Dust collection and dust collection under dust collecting mode (selection)


Three view